Pre-Congress Workshops


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31 August 2017
Venue:   Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
Fee: HKD 390 / USD 50 per workshop
HKD 700 / USD 90 per 2 workshops
HKD 930 / USD120 per 3 workshops
Refreshment included in each workshop

How to Set up an Allergy Clinic (11:00 am - 12: 45pm)
Cheng Shuo Wang
Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery
Beijing TongRen Hospital, Capital Medical University
Hongfei Lou
Associate professor
Department of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery
Beijing TongRen Hospital, Capital Medical University
The key to succeed in setting up an allergic clinic is close cooperation among multi-disciplinaries, including allergist, immunologist, respiratory medicine physicians, rhinologists, paediatricians and Chinese traditional medicine physicians as well as a dedicated nurse and time to fully evaluate the patients.

Professor Chengshuo Wang and Dr Hongfei Lou from Beijing TongRen Hospital (China) would like to share us their experience of how to set up a standardized allergy clinic. Questionnaires to quantify symptoms and quality of life, allergy tests (SPT, RAST, etc.), medical treatment strategy, everything about immunotherapy including indications, contraindications, routes, schedules, allergen doses, patient administration and follow-up, as well as management of adverse reaction, would be available in this practical course.

This workshop will be held from 11am to 1pm on Aug 31 and will benefit anyone who is interest in set up an allergy clinic in your institute.
How to Set up a Smell Clinic (1:00 pm - 2: 45pm)
Eric Holbrook
Associate Professor
Department of Otolaryngology
Harvard Medical School
Takaki Miwa
Department of Otorhinolaryngology
Kanazawa Medical University
Assessment and treatment of smell loss has become a very hot topic in recent years. However, proper evaluation and management of these patients continue to remain a challenge. Contributing to the confusion are various kinds of assessment tools and treatment strategies available to physicians.

Professor Takaki Miwa from Kanazawa Medical University (Japan) and Dr. Eric Holbrook from Harvard Medical School (USA) will describe differences and unique challenges in setting up smell clinics in the East and in the West.

Considerations to think about before setting up a smell disorder clinic, including the use of symptom questionnaires, smell testing, and ancillary studies will be described. A review of potential treatment strategies including the use of smell rehabilitation therapy will be elaborated.

This workshop will be useful for those who are interested in developing a smell clinic in their institute.
How to Set up a Rhinology Clinic (3:00 pm - 4:45pm)
Valerie J Lund CBE
Professor Emeritus of Rhinology
University College London
Honorary Consultant ENT Surgeon
Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital
United Kingdom
Professor Valerie Lund has been running a specialist rhinology clinic for the last 30 years. The keys to its success are the multi-disciplinary collaboration between surgical and medical rhinologists, bringing expertise in allergy, immunology, respiratory medicine and sinonasal surgery as well as a dedicated nurse and time to fully evaluate the patients. The concept of the ‘United Airway’ dictates that the full range of subjective and objective assessments of the upper and lower respiratory tracts are available: questionnaires to quantify symptoms and quality of life, endoscopy, imaging and testing for allergy, mucociliary function, olfaction, nasal airway and lower respiratory tract function - everything from skin prick testing, expired nitric oxide, saccharine transport, ciliary beat frequency, nasal inspiratory peak flow, rhinomanometry, acoustic rhinometry and spirometry. Finally the entire spectrum of medical and surgical therapies must be available as well as psychological support for conditions which may not be curable.

This workshop will be of interest to anyone dealing with ‘difficult’ rhinology patients.